BCN Plogging Congress 2020 is the first international event to share experiences of ploggers from different parts of the world who contribute with the sport to improve the health of the planet. His voice works with young people, companies that are betting on a new economy linked to health and the environment and politicians who must make decisions that contribute to alleviating climate change shape an interesting day that creates real goals and which involves discussing new social, economic and environmental challenges.

On October 7th you have an appointment in Barcelona to be part of this 1st. International Congress that will bring together citizens committed to the health of the planet from their status as ploggers, students, representatives of companies and politicians to address the challenges of today’s society in the face of climate change.

And on October 8th we propose you to join the challenge of participating in the 1st. simultaneous output of ploggers in different parts of the world and practice Plogging to contribute with the sport to improve the health of the planet.



To establish the first International day of Plogging.


To promote plogging as a key activity for today’s society and to introduce it as a sport activity.


To encourage a change in business and consumer habits.


To create a network of entities and administrations committed to the environment, supporting actions that promote plogging.


Recognition of citizen involvement, administrations and companies engaged in plogging


of the Year

The enterprise committed

to plogging



The awards ceremony will take place on the same day of the day.


El Museu de les Aigües

The Water Museum is a place to spread knowledge about water, an essential asset for the life and development of society located in the old Central Cornellà, built in 1909 and still in operation.